The Hockey Art of Cam Wilson

As a young boy In the 1970’s I remember watching Hockey Night in Canada with my father. I was captivated as I watched the likes of Guy Lafluer streaking down the right wing and unleashing a wicked slapshot, or Darryl Sittler scoring 10 points in one game. The greatest memory of all was watching the Canada Soviet Series of 1972 when our teacher would bring in the TV so we could all watch Paul Henderson and our Canadian heroes take it to the Soviets. This was much more important than the lessons of the day, and probably was one of the greatest lessons of all as we learned to become proud Canadians. I loved playing on the outdoor rinks. I can still hear the echo of the frozen puck hitting the stiff boards and the chatter of skates chipping the brittle outdoor ice. Sometimes we were brought to tears between periods as parents took off our skates and rubbed our feet to warm them up. But we loved it.

There was another thing I also loved to do. My uncle, a sign painter and watercolour artist, would buy me art supplies every Christmas. Because of him I was inspired to take up pencils and then brushes to portray my love of hockey. I unofficially became a professional artist when I sold a drawing of a goalie to one of my friends for the whopping sum of 25 cents. In my teens I excelled at hockey and made the Bantam AA team and then Midget AA (there was no AAA when I played). A coworker friend of my fathers caught wind of my passion of hockey and would send my father home with hockey magazines to give to me. These magazines had centrefolds in them. No not the Playboy kind but rather each centrefold would feature a star hockey player. I would use these as reference for my drawings and paintings.

Later on I took up the art of hockey again when not busy in my career as a freelance illustrator and designer. Hockey Canada hired me for a period of approximatley 4 years designing and illustrating posters for tournaments and events. I also created limited Edition Prints that were liscenced by the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins. The Edmonton Oilers hired me to design playoff tickets but they missed the playoffs by 2 points that year.

During the years I have painted many Legends and designed and Illustrated posters. I have also created a series of 8 works called “The Goalie Archives and another series portraying dogs as Hockey Stars. I have also written stories for each of the artworks in these series.

All of the artwork shown on this website was created by me Cam Wilson. I hope you enjoy them, and if you really like them they are all available here on my Etsy Hockey Art Shop as archival prints.

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